Tickets for Washington’s preseason opener are going for as little as $1

The Commanders don’t want people to talk about the recent past. The probably aren’t thrilled with the attention being paid to certain aspects of the present.

Via Daniel Kaplan of, the secondary ticket platform GameTime has tickets to the team’s preseason opener against the Panthers going for as little as $1.

Yes, for a single small portrait of George Washington, you can watch the team that represents the city that bears his name. (I cannot tell a lie; $1 is still probably too much.)

The lowest price through the team’s official reseller platform,, is $30 per ticket, currently.

Interest in the team seems to be as low as ever. The crowd at one of the early training-camp practices was embarrassingly light, and owner Daniel Snyder continues to be under investigation both by Congress and the league office. Frankly, the sooner he’s gone, the better everything will be.

Unfortunately, he likely won’t be going until he’s damn good and ready. The league seems to be reluctant to take him on, either because it doesn’t want a protracted legal fight or because it potentially fears that he can cause problems with things he knows from 23 years as an owner.